The Me + My Workplace on-line questionnaire has been developed by iDEA as a tool to assist any organisation in gaining a more complete understanding of what employees do during their working day, where they do it, and how. It's intuitive, interactive and on completion generates a user's own personal workplace profile.

Me + My Workplace will help organisations to identify various working styles and support future planning, business transformations and a move to higher staff agility.

The me + my workplace survey will work for any organisation, regardless of size, complexity, location, or sector.

It supports property teams by enabling them to assess the suitability of existing/potential accommodation and determine environmental and worksetting requirements.

It helps staff by contacting them directly, canvassing opinion and assisting them in understanding how to optimise their working environment.

The survey is available to any internet enabled device, and has been optimised for the wide variety of mobile devices, laptops and desktops in use today.

Data gathered by the Me + My Workplace survey will help organisations understand readiness for change by showing building performance and staff needs - both current and future - along with their views regarding business transformation.