iDEA were appointed to help leading Irish bank, AIB realise their vision for a new working culture and a modern, vibrant workplace for their Dublin headquarters.

Our Me + My Workplace tool was deployed along with departmental interviews and a series of staff workshops to establish the planning principles for the strategy. Flexible team neighbourhoods with non assigned desks are at the core of the solution, with a wide variety of formal and informal shared meeting spaces to support collaboration. A concept of activity mapping across the floor plates ensures that there are effective places for quieter, focused study.

Staff are settling into the first phase of the project, which provides a new work environment for 550 staff. Colour is deliberately more intense in entrance hubs and meeting spaces around the atrium to encourage mobility and interaction. Vibrancy levels are gradually toned down through the team spaces to the calm library workplaces at the building perimeter.

We also worked closely with AIB’s communications team to develop a strategy which enabled us to get the right information to the right people at the right time. The comms strategy was centred around a bespoke version of our online communications portal - accessible to all staff. We utilised the portal for two-way communications, giving building occupants the opportunity to remain part of the design process and keep up-to-date as the project progressed. Portal content was supplemented with matching large-scale printed material to maintain consistency of message and provide an additional source of information on day one.